April 10th 2006 Friends of the Multi Arts Board Meeting

Twelve people were present at the meeting:

        Debi Maehs, Jessica Novak, Marjorie Hammer, Judy Laine, Claire Zernik-Cline, Mike Smolen, Carol Fincher, Lynn Schwartz, Karen Dean, Staci Willis, Sue Baker, and Hannah Barbara Fulton

The meeting was called to order by President Debi Maehs.

The minutes for the March 13th meeting were read individually. A change to the minutes was made that the volunteers for the Stillwater Arts and Heritage Festival would receive a t-shirt only if they worked for four hours or more. A motion to accept the minutes as corrected was made from the floor, seconded, and passed unanimously.

Karen Dean gave the treasurer’s report. She closed the account at Stillwater National Bank and opened a new account at University and Community Federal Credit Union. There will be no service charges. Checks have been ordered. The ledger balance at this time is $1,837.61.

Mike Smolen reported that he has the new web site running. The address is www.friendsofmultiarts.org. If there are announcements or any other information that needs to go out, Mike can enter it into the website. There is no control over the banners. The “Welcome” page links to Debi’s email. The Multi Arts’ phone number is on the website. There is also a guest book. The Friends’ mission statement needs to be put on the first page. The schedule for Multi Arts can be added. A suggestion was made to put information about members, but at this time there is not enough memory.

The general membership meeting had been changed to April 12th, instead of April 11th. A room was not available at Multi Arts on the 11th. The meeting will be at 5:30 pm.

Hannah Barbara Fulton discussed progress on the by-laws. The committee has almost finished the final draft for consideration. They only need two more paragraphs to be completed. Hannah was concerned that they would not be ready for the membership meeting. The board felt that only a report on the progress made by the committee was needed, not a complete draft.

Debi had sent out a new membership list through her email. Several members said they had not received this email. Debi felt she may have to start getting receipts for email so she would know everyone had received needed information. There are twenty-five people in Friends who do not have email.

Karen is not able to go to the IRS workshop in Tulsa. There was discussion about finding help for the 501c3 application. Someone said Bill Brown has done this type of work. He has helped Elite Repeat.

Staci Willis discussed progress for the Stillwater Arts and Heritage Festival. She had very little response for volunteers from her email. Snacks and help for the Friday night reception are still needed. Membership forms, cash box, brochures, and Multi Arts Schedules are needed for the information tents. T-shirts (for those who work four or more hours) and badges will be available for volunteers to wear. A sign for Multi Arts can be printed by Parks and Recreation. An 18x24 inch sign can be made for our table. It will be a temporary sign until we have a permanent logo.

The Friends’ brochures is being designed and produced by Judy Laine and Claire Zernik-Cline. It will contain a membership form. There was a discussion about the temporary logo. Some liked it, and some did not. It was decided since the logo is just temporary, we should wait until a later meeting for further discussion.

The agenda for the membership meeting will be as follows: Each committee head will give a brief report on progress made up until the current time. Briefs, treasurer reports, and copies of minutes will be available for all. Earline Strom will talk about the Arts Festival and the need for volunteers.

The board discussed the need for a membership committee. At this time a Friends’ membership runs from January to January and is not prorated. Judy stated that one of the duties that had been discussed for one of the vice presidents was membership.

The meeting was adjourned.