RE:  Friends of the Multi Arts Center-First Annual Meeting


Date:  January 10, 2006


From:  Marjorie Hammer, Secretary


Minutes are as follows:


     Lou Hale called to order the first annual meeting of the Friends of Multi Arts Center.  She introduced special guests who were Jim Scott, Supervisor of Parks and Recreation, and Audrie Marks from the NewPress.


      Sara Chappell, Helen Jordan, and Lou Hale have been the “Steering Committee” for the Friends of Multi Arts.  They have signed in new members and taken dues, applied for our tax i.d. number, manned sign in tables, and generally gotten this organization off the ground.  Close to one hundred (100) members have signed up.   $980.00 from dues and donations has been collected and deposited.  Our total balance in the bank is $1, 932.00.  This is because the International Cultural Organization from OSU was kind enough to donate proceeds from their silent auction to us. Others who have been instrumental in beginning this organization and promoting knowledge of and helping with this first meeting are Staci Willis, Joe Ong (producing a wonderful video of our center), and Carol Bormann. 


     Chairperson, Sherryl Lewis, then read officer nominations.  President-Debbie Maehs, possible Co-

Vice-Presidents-Earlene Strom and Judy Lane, Secretary-Marjorie Hammer, and Treasurer-Karen Dean.  Board nominations are as follows:  Mildred Carroll, Carol Fincher, Hannah Barbara Fulton, Sherrill Lewis, Sue Baker, Claire Zevnick-Cline, Mike Smolen, Jim Franklin, Staci Willis, Lynne Schwartz, and Helen Jordan.  Helen Jordan brought forth the discussion about having two vice-presidents, rather than one.  There were discussions from the floor about job descriptions, and after several suggestions it was decided and voted on by the floor to let the board decide on job descriptions and having two vice-presidents was a good idea.  The floor was opened for any other nominations.  Then there was a motion to vote on those nominees as presented.  Everyone one voted to elect all those nominated to position with a show of hands.  All voted in favor.


     Debbie Maehs, our new president, took the floor.  She briefly discussed her goals for our organization.  She distributed paper for all members to contribute to a survey of goals, possible problems, and solutions of goals and problems.  She introduced the new Multi Arts Program Supervisor, Jessica Novak.


     Jessica gave us updated Multi Arts information.  Over $19,000.00 was deposited from holiday gallery sales.  Enrollment for new classes has begun.  Classes begin January 16th.  Thirty-two (32) classes are now being offered.   The “Run for the Arts Festival” has had its name changed to “Stillwater Arts & Heritage Festival. The Festival may be a two day event this year on April 22nd and 23rd, 2006.  Someone from the floor asked about having the Festival at the Multi Arts Center.  Jim Scott thought this might be possible next year.  He suggested that it would be good if someone from our board could attend meetings for the event.  Jim also talked about new drains for sinks used for clay, and about pending new budgets needed.  Also, there will be a new website for Parks and Recreation allowing people to sign up for classes on the computer.  When this site will be completed is not know.


     At the close of the meeting, new phone numbers for the Multi-Arts Center and employees were shared.  The date for new officers to meet was set for the last Monday of January (the 30th) at 5:30 p.m.  It will be held at the center or at the armory.  Thirty-five (35) members attended this first meeting of the Friends of the Multi Arts Center.