Artist of the Month

Buck Dollarhide

January 2017 Artist of the Month

Buck Dollarhide has been making pottery for 50 years. He is a true artisan and he patiently and diligently teaches his craft to everyone willing to learn. You would be hard pressed to find past and present students that don’t sing his praises as an instructor. Buck began his love affair with clay as a college junior after taking a required class in pottery. He was immediately smitten. That infatuation is passionately evident in the popular classes he teaches at the Multi Arts Center several times a year.

This is what some of his students have to say:

“I am taking my second class with Buck. He’s extremely knowledgeable and easy to follow. He’s a true teacher of the art of clay.”

“I have always thought pottery is beautiful and have been curious how it is made.”

Buck’s creations can be found in the gallery at Multi Arts as well as other locations around the state. As a proud personal owner and collector of his pottery, I can attest to the skill with which the pottery is made. They are solid yet light, which defies the description of “pottery”. The colors he uses are muted, earthy tones that complement any home décor. And they are as no nonsense and sturdy as their creator.