January 9, 2017

Report to City of Stillwater on January 9, 2017


November 19, 2016

Friends of Multi Arts Center, Inc. announces partnership with OSU Art, Graphic Design and Art History Department

Early in 2017, the Friends organization and the OSU Art Department intend to sign a Memorandum of Understanding to plan a smooth transition of management for the Stillwater Multi Arts Center. Currently the Center is operated by the Friends under an Operations Agreement with the City of Stillwater. The current five-year Operations Agreement expires June 30, 2017. At its conclusion, the OSU Art Department is expected to take over management of the Center, maintaining a commitment to community engagement with robust public programming.

The Friends Board of Directors has begun meeting with Dr. Rebecca Brienen, Head of the Art Department, to fashion an agreement that will assure smooth operation of the Center during the transition period. Dr. Brienen and the Board will begin to share resources and experience throughout the spring, building a relationship that will continue after OSU assumes management. Through this partnership, the Center will be able to provide a full schedule of arts and crafts classes for children and adults, art camps during winter, spring, and summer breaks, open studios, and special events like birthday parties, make-and-take parties, and tours for children and adults.

Dr. Brienen has assured the Board of her commitment and the commitment of OSU to supporting community-based art education and the development of art-related skills for all the people of the Stillwater area. Together with Dr. Brienen the board is already exploring new funding streams to take advantage of the community/university partnership. The Friends Board of Directors will continue to provide management of the Center until the end of the current Operations Agreement. After the transition, the Friends organization will continue as a membership organization for supporters and patrons of the Center.

Friends and the Art Department view this partnership as an outstanding opportunity to promote the arts and help the Center achieve its full potential as a resource to the Stillwater community.